Message from the PAC about Christmas hampers


Hello parents,

Our school is once again sponsoring some families for the holidays.  This is a Sullivan Elementary tradition that we do each Christmas, and we would like to ask for all of you to help, if you are able.

In each classroom there is a big paper tree with a sign out sheet beside it.  On the tree there are sticky notes with items written on them.  These are the things the families have asked for.   We would like to ask you (or your child) to take a paper for an item you’d like to purchase, sign the sheet to let us know who has taken which paper, then return the gift to your child’s classroom unwrapped.

A PAC member will collect the items every few days and replenish the sticky notes on the tree as needed.  We ask that all items be returned by Monday, December 14th.

Let’s make this a great Christmas for these families!

If you have any questions please let us know at

Thank you!

Your Sullivan PAC